Marketing for Writers, or How to Build Relationships, Not Customers

Welcome to the first installment of What I Learned, a new blog series on the lessons I’ve learned from books: writing craft, character development, the business of writing, and everything in between. My current read (from the White Plains Public Library, naturally) is The Art of Asking, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help, by Amanda Palmer. This book is a revelation. Amanda (I feel like she wouldn’t mind me addressing her on a first-name basis) has taken everything she learned as a street statue performer, a stripper, a barista, an artist, a musician, and an all-around fearless human being and…

What Reading Fiction Taught Me in 2017

Welcome to the inaugural blog post! One of my favorite things about reading is noticing what stays with you long after you’ve finished a book: a feeling, an idea, or a lesson in writing craft. I’m looking back at 2017 and sharing some of the lessons I learned through reading.